QUAD-50s - Four-barreled assembly of .50 caliber machine guns. Quantico - Marine training base in Virginia. quarter deck - Location of prominence in a barracks or office; in boot camp, the area by the drill instructor's office usually off-limits to recruits except during ceremonial discipline. The term comes from the quarter deck of a ship defined as "that part of the upper deck abaft the mainmast,  including the poop deck, when there is one. Usually reserved for ship's officers, guests, and passengers." quarters - Housing, whether bachelor (barracks) or family (government- leased apartments or houses) or periodic. Muster of a ship's company. quatrefoil - Four-pointed embroidered pattern stitched on to the top of a Marine officer's barracks cover, from the tradition of wearing it to be identified as friendly to Marine sharpshooters during boarding actions in the era of wooden sailing ships. QUEBEC - Military phonetic for the letter 'Q' RCH - Red C _ _ _ Hair. Engineering euphonism for a very precise measurement. R&R - Rest and Relaxation. Authorized absence from a combat area to reduce the effects of combat stress and fatigue. rack - Bed or cot. Rangers - Elite Army commandos and infantry specially trained for reconnaissance and combat missions. recon - Reconnaissance. Going out into enemy occupied areas to observe for the purpose of identifying enemy strengths, activities, and locations. regiment - Military unit usually consisting of a number of battalions. Remington raider - Typist or clerk in an administrative billet. request mast — Appealing to increasingly higher links in the chain of command to seek satisfaction for a grievance the requester feels was not adequately handled at a lower level. re-up - Reenlist. Volunteering for an additional period of service. rifle grenade - Mortar-shaped grenade that is slipped over the muzzle of a rifle and propelled into the air by firing a crimped cartridge.   rigger - Licensed military technician responsible for maintaining and repairing parachutes. The rigger is the only one authorized to pack a jumper's reserve chute. rip cord - Braided steel cable fitted with a D-ring handle. Along the cable are several pins that slid into metal cones along the seam of a packed parachute. When pulled the pins slide out of the cones and the chute is deployed. roach coach - Mobile (usually truck-mounted) store selling junk food. Rock, the - Okinawa.  rock'n'roll - Firing a weapon on full automatic. ROK - Soldier from the Republic of Korea. roman candle - Malfunction of a parachute where the chute fails to deploy and resembles a long, fluttering ribbon. Usually fatal for a jumper without a deployed reserve chute.   ROMEO - Military phonetic for the letter 'R'. rotate - To return to the US at the end of a tour of duty overseas. ROTC - Reserve Officer's Training Corps. Program offered in many high schools and colleges, geared to prepare students to become. round eye - Caucasian. Usually referring to a white woman. RPG - Rocket-Propelled Grenade. A portable, shoulder-fired, antitank grenade launcher. RPGs or RPs - Rape Prevention Glasses. Clunky, unattractive military issue glasses worn by boot camp recruits. Rules of Engagement - Specific regulations for the conduct of of military personnel in air, sea, and land battles by US and allied forces. rumor control - Most accurate source of information prior to the actual occurrence of an event. running lights - Navigational night lights on a ship. Marine's eyes.
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