1/1 - First Battalion of the First Marine Regiment, referred to as One-One.  Battalions in the Marine Corps are referred to by the number of their battalion and then by their parent regiment; e.g., 3/9 - Third Battalion, Ninth Marines, or Three-Nine. 8 bells - Signal for the end of a four-hour watch. Named for the incrementally increasing number of bells at half-hours. 8th & I - Nickname for Marine Barracks taken from its street address at the corner of 8 th  & I Streets, NE., Washington, D.C. 29 Stumps - Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center 29 Palms. Named for its isolation and desolation. 50-cal  - Fifty caliber machine gun. 82 mm  - Designed to be one millimeter larger than our 81mm mortar, allowing the enemy to use our mortar shells in their firing tubes but making it impossible for us to use theirs in ours. 105  - 105 mm howitzer. 155  - 155 mm howitzer. 782 gear - Marine Corps issue field equipment consisting of a pack, webgear, shelter half, tent poles, canteen and cover, entrenching tool, cartridge belt, magazine pouches, first aid kit, etc. Named for form 782 that had to be filled out to draw the issue. Also called “seven-eighty twice” gear.
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Marine Speak
CREDITS DISCLAIMER: Marine Speak is a compilation of military definitions gathered from a wide variety of sources including Internet postings and websites, fellow Marines and military friends, military manuals, and my personal experiences. Many of the definitions were typical of the era in which I served (1961 to 1965) and in the Far East theater of operations including Vietnam and specifically, Danang. Because of the months of research and the hundreds of sources used to put this dictionary together, I did not credit each of the sources used. Too often multiple sources claimed ownership of the same definitions. Other times, no clear source was evident or the definitions resided in the public domain. I apologize for this lack of credit details and will honor any copyright brought to my attention by either removing or crediting any definition an author shows to be his or hers. I also invite any corrections or clarifications and will incorporate appropriate changes in future updates.
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