ladderway - Stairs. ladderwell - Stairway or ladder connecting different decks of a ship, so named because naval stairs tend to be so steep as to be almost vertical. land of the Big PX - United States of America. leatherneck - Nickname for Marine, so named for legends stating that stiff leather collars were once worn to protect the throat from sword-blows. Also thought that high stock collars were worn for discipline, to keep Marines' heads high and straight. The dress blue uniform still bears a high stock collar today. Also, Leatherneck magazine. leggings- Leg coverings made of canvas with eyelets and laces or buckles to secure the trouser legs over boots. Origin of term “yellow legs” given Marines by North Koreans. liberty - Authorized free time ashore or off station, not counted as leave. Known in the Army as a "pass". lifer - Career military man. The term is often used in a derogatory manner. Anyone with more time in the Marine Corps than you.   LIMA - Military phonetic for the letter 'L'. line company - Infantry company. litter - Stretcher for carrying the dead and wounded. lollygag - Dawdle or fool about. LP - Listening Post. A two or three-man position set up at night outside the perimeter away from the main body of troopers, acting as an early warning system against attack. Also, an amphibious landing platform used by infantry for storming beaches from the sea. LPH - Landing Platform Helicopter. Navy ship that carries helicopters from which the aircraft operates; also carries segments of a battalion landing team. LSD - Landing Ship Dock. Large, shallow draft ship for putting ashore vehicles and heavy combat equipment including tanks. LST - Landing Ship Troop. Flat-bottom, shallow draft troop landing ship. LT - Lieutenant. LTA - Marine Corps Air Facility, Santa Ana, California, as referred to by those stationed there. Referring to the huge hangar facilities that housed the Lighter-Than-Air dirigibles and balloons used by the U.S. Navy during earlier days. LZ - Landing Zone. Usually a small clearing secured temporarily for the landing of resupply helicopters. Some become more permanent and eventually become base camps.
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