I Corps - Military and political subdivision of South Vietnam that included the five northernmost provinces. Pronounced "eye core." ichi ban - Japanese for number one. Indicates the best or best liked of anything compared. incoming - Something bad coming your way, like small arms fire or mortars fired by the enemy. IG - Inspector General. in-country  - In Vietnam, phrase referring to being within a war zone. INDIA - Military phonetic for the letter 'I'. interlocking fire - Covering an area with small arms fire so that the fire from two or more weapons overlap. Irish pennant - Thread or a piece of garment hanging loose from a Marine's uniform. insert - Deploy into a tactical area by helicopter. Island, the - MCRD Parris Island, South Carolina. Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Hell on earth. JAG - Judge Advocate General. Legal department of the Armed Services. jarhead - Pejorative term for a Marine. Jarhead has several supposed origins: the regulation "High and Tight" haircut resembling a mason jar (to add insult, some note that the jar is an empty vessel); the Mason Jar Company stopped making jars and made the helmets for Marines during World War II. jet jockey - Air Force fighter pilot. joe - Coffee, so named because US Secretary of the Navy, Josephus Daniels,         eliminated beer and wine from naval ships, declaring nothing stronger than coffee would be allowed. John Wayne - Person who fancies himself to be a hero. Usually a non- combatant. Also a can opener. JTF - Joint Task Force. Provisional unit or formation from more than one branch of service. ju-ban - Japanese for number 10, the worst or least liked of a group or series. JULIET Military phonetic for the letter 'J'. jump and pull - Skydivers first jump without a static line where she exits the aircraft and immediately pulls or deploys her chute. No free-fall is involved. Three successful jump-and-pulls usually must be made before the jumper is allowed her first free-fall. jungle boots - Footwear that looks like a combination of combat boot and canvas sneaker used by the U.S. military in a tropical climate, where leather rots because of the dampness. The canvas structure also speeds drying.   jungle utilities - Lightweight tropical fatigues. junk on the bunk -  Inspection where all of a Marine's clothing and equipment is laid out on his bed (bunk) for inspection. Also called "things on the springs."  k - Kilometer. kamikaze taxi - Local taxis in Okinawa who fearlessly and often carelessly careen through traffic to get you to your destination. KBA - Killed By Artillery. k-bar - Bowie-style fighting knife preferred by Marines for close quarter combat. A highly desirable item of trade in Vietnam. keeper - Cloth loop on the winter, green service blouse to hold the cloth belt in place. KIA - Killed In Action. kill zone - Radius of a circle around an explosive device within which it is predicted that 95 percent of all occupants will be killed should the device explode. Area within an ambush where everyone is either killed or wounded. KILO - Military phonetic for the letter 'K'. King Neptune - Officiator in a naval line crossing ceremony like the International Date Line crossing.       klick - Kilometer. A single windage or elevation adjustment on the rear sights of a rifle, machine gun, or mortar. kompai - Japanese drinking toast. KP - Kitchen Police; mess hall duty. Kuni - Marine Corps Air Station, Iwakuni, Japan.
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