half-mast - Position of the flag when hoisted halfway, usually done in respect to a deceased person; also called "half-staff" among non-naval forces. hamlet - Vietnamese settlement. Small rural village. Hanoi Hannah - Female North Vietnamese radio propagandist. hash marks - Service stripes worn on Marine jacket lower sleeves to indicate years of military service. Each hash mark representing four years. hatch - Door. HE - High explosive, marked in yellow on ordinance. head - Toilet.   heat tabs - Flammable tablet used to heat C-rations. Always in short supply. helmet liner - Thin-walled, removable composite “helmet” fitted inside the standard steel helmet. The helmet liner had an adjustable cloth-strap webbing that fitted snugly over the Marine’s head and provided some wearing comfort. Recruits in boot camp wore silver painted helmet liners for protection from the hot Sun. Nicknamed “chrome domes.”    Hercules - C-130 cargo aircraft. HMH - Marine heavy helicopter squadron. HMM - Marine medium helicopter squadron.   HMX - Marine medium helicopter squadron, executive; the President's helicopter unit. Ho Chi Minh slippers - Sandals made from tires. The soles were made from the tread and the straps from inner tubes. Hollywood Marine - Marine who underwent recruit training at San Diego Marine Recruit Depot, California. homesteading - Remaining at one duty station for an extended tour or consecutive tours. honcho or head honcho - Person in charge, from the Japanese word for boss, "hanchō". Also a nickname for Okinawan  taxi drivers. hooch - Anything that can be used as a domicile, e.g., barracks, tent, poncho. A simple hut or dwelling. hop - Aerial trip or portion of a flight. horn - Radio microphone. house mouse - Boot camp recruit chosen by the DI as his "gopher" or errand boy. Usually one of the smallest statured recruits in the platoon. housewife - Sewing kit. HOTEL - Military phonetic for the letter 'H'. howitzer - Short cannon used to fire shells at medium velocity and with relatively high trajectories. HQ - Headquarters. Huey - Nickname for the UH-1 series helicopters. hump - March or hike carrying a rucksack; to perform any arduous task. hurry up and wait - Expression denoting inefficient time management or planning, often when a senior rushes a unit into a situation too fast that subsequently makes them wait. CO tells XO to make sure troops are ready for parade at 1000 hours. XO tells sergeant major to have troops ready by 0900. Sergeant major tells company commanders to have troops ready by 0800. Company commanders tell platoon sergeants to have troops ready by 0700. Troops are ready and waiting on parade field at 0600 hours. Hurry up and wait. huss - Giving someone a break or helping hand. So named because the H-34 Choctaw helicopter's utility configuration was designated as the "HUS-1 Seahorse," leading to Vietnam-era Marines that needed a medical evacuation helicopter to ask for or to be "cut a huss". H&MS - Marine Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron pronounced "hams."
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