G-1 - Personnel Administration at Division level or higher. Anything below division would be denoted by an ‘S’, rather than a ‘G’. G-2 - Military Intelligence and Security. G-3 - Operations and Training. G-4 - Logistics. G-5 - Community Plans and Liaison. G-6 - Command, Control, Communications, and Computer. G-7 - Inspection. Provost Marshall’s office. G-8 - Capabilities. Define required current and future capabilities and capability requirements for the man, equip, train, readiness, resourcing, sourcing, and other force generation functions. galley - Shipboard term for the kitchen. gangway - Temporary stairs or ramp used to board or disembark a ship. Also used as a command to order juniors to give way to seniors in passageways, and particularly when going up and down ladders, or stairs. Garand - M-1 rifle. garrison cap or garrison cover - soft green or khaki folded cap worn with the winter or tropical service uniform. gear - Property or equipment, usually referring to an individual's combat equipment. geedunk - Candy and other sweets, or a location where such items are obtained such as a store or vending machine.  Borrowed from the comic strip Harold Teen and first used in Leatherneck Magazine in 1931. general - Method of addressing a Brigadier General, Lieutenant General, or General. general orders - List of 11 orders detailing rules for guard or sentry duty. general quarters – Shipboard command ordering all hands to take up their duty stations and prepare for combat. GI - Government Issue. Usually refers to an American soldier. Gitmo - U. S. naval base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. goat rope or goat screw - Chaotic and messy situation. go-fasters - Running shoes or sneakers. Faster than boots. GOLF - Military phonetic for the letter 'G'. good to go -  Expression denoting that difficulties will be overcome. Ready. Well done or satisfactory. gook - Derogatory term for an Asian, derived from Korean slang for "person" and passed down by Korean war veterans. gore - One of many triangular panels sewn together to make up the canopy of a parachute. grab-ass - Horseplay. Messing around. grease gun - .45 caliber, M3A1 submachinegun. Green Berets - U.S. Special Forces. greens - Winter service uniform. grids - Vertical and horizontal lines on maps dividing areas into measured squares, usually 1,000 meters. grinder - Parade field or any large open area where troops run, drill and march. ground pounder or grunt - Infantryman. grunt - Infantryman. Ground pounder.   guide, guidon bearer, or right guide - In recruit training, the platoon's flag bearer who marches at the right-front corner of the platoon. Also the senior recruit responsible for the actions of the platoon any time the drill instructor is temporarily absent. guidon, a military standard, or flag, that company or platoon-sized elements carry to signify their unit designation and corps affiliation. The title of theindividual who carries the standard. gung ho - Corrupted Chinese phrase meaning to "work together," brought to the Marine Corps before WWII by Lieutenant Colonel Evans Carlson, 2nd Raider Battalion, from his experiences with the Communist Chinese 8th Route Army. Later denigrated to imply excessive enthusiasm for anything military. gunner - Warrant officer. gunny - Gunnery sergeant. gunship - Armed helicopter.   GVN - Government of South Vietnam. gyrene - Vietnam war-era nickname for Marine, combining the words “GI” and “Marine."
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