FAC - Forward Air Controller. Person who coordinates air strikes. fart sack - Protective mattress cover. Looks like a huge pillowcase with ties to secure the open end. fat-body - Overweight recruit or service member. fathom - Measurement used to determine water depth at sea. One fathom equals six feet.   fatigues - Standard army combat uniform, green in color, called 'utilities” in the Marine Corps.   FB - Fire Base. FDC - Fire Direction Control center. FEBA - Forward Edge of the Battle Area. Line of departure where a unit enters enemy territory. field day - House-keeping chores. Cleaning the barracks. field scarf - Khaki uniform necktie. Field-strip - To disassemble a piece of ordnance or weapon for cleaning or lubricating. To strip cigarette butts from their filters before throwing away. fini - Corruption of the French finis - meaning the end. To die or be killed. fire base - Temporary artillery encampment used for fire support of forward ground operations. firefight - A battle, or exchange of small arms fire with the enemy. Fire for effect - Indicates the adjustment/ranging of indirect fire is satisfactory and the actual effecting rounds should be fired. A euphemism for the execution of a plan. fire team - In Vietnam, the most basic Marine infantry unit consisting of a fire team leader (usually a lance corporal), an automatic rifleman,  an assistant automatic rifleman who humps the extra ammunition for the AR man, and a rifleman who goes out and draws fire so that everyone else can see if the coast is clear. There are three fire teams to a Marine rifle squad. fire watch - Sentry on duty specifically guarding a person, place, object or area in a non-combat area such as a barracks. Considered under arms but usually unarmed. fire watch medal - Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, awarded for each three years of honorable enlisted service. first shirt or first sleeve - Company or battery first-sergeant. flack jacket - Heavy fiberglass-filled vest worn for protection from shrapnel during the Vietnam War..   flaky - In a state of mental disarray, characterized by spaciness and various forms of unreasoning fear. flare - Illumination projectile, hand-fired or shot from artillery, mortars, or aircraft. flechette - Small dart-shaped projectile clustered in an explosive warhead. A mine without great explosive power containing small pieces of shrapnel intended to wound and kill. fly boy - Anyone in the US Air Force. flying peon - Naval aviation pilot, acronym - NAP. A pilot of enlisted rank. In 1964, the Marine Corps was the only branch of service that still had enlisted pilots, numbering less than 40.   FMF or fleet - Fleet Marine Force, the operational forces of the Corps, as opposed to reserve or supporting establishment. FMFPac - Fleet Marine Force, Pacific. FO - Forward Observer. A person attached to a field unit to coordinate the placement of direct or indirect fire from ground, air, and naval forces. FOXTROT - Military phonetic for the letter 'F'. frag - Fragmentation grenade. Verb form of "fragging". fragging - Assassination of an officer by his own troops, usually by hand grenade. freak - Radio frequency. A junkie or a doper. freq - Radio frequency. friendly fire - Accidental attacks on US or allied soldiers by other US or allied soldiers. FUBAR - F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition. Acronym used to describe any disorganized operation. Full-bird - Colonel, as opposed to a half-bird,  light-colonel, short bird, or short colonel - a lieutenant colonel. So named because the colonel's rank insignia is a gold eagle and not silver like a lieutenant colonel's.
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