A career with the CIA was another item you would never have found on my dream jobs list. I worked for the CIA three different times; four if you count the NRO. Each employment was in the field of media design and production. These jobs were, by far, some of the most challenging and stressful, yet most rewarding and fun I’d ever encounter. Rarely in my career would I meet and work with individuals more professional and dedicated then the analysts, agents, and engineers in the Central Intelligence Agency. I never worked in the Langley, Virginia headquarters, although my employment with the Central Intelligence Agency spanned almost 20 years of my life. For the three, or four, positions I held with the Agency, each was at a satellite facility, working for an allied organization. I held two jobs with the National Photographic Interpretation Center, one with the National Imagery and Mapping Agency -- an updated version of NPIC; and one with the National Reconnaissance Office. Sometimes my work locations were highly classified; sometimes they were publicly known. There were times in my federal career when I could not let my own wife know where I worked. She would never get the commonplace opportunity to drop by for lunch. Strict secrecy about where you worked and what you did could play havoc with personal relationships. Even more difficult were situations where both spouses worked in the intelligence community. One topic of conversation you would never broach at that dinner table was, “Honey, what did you do at work, today?” Even if both the wife and husband held Top Secret clearances, they could not share classified information because of the “need to know” principle which was drilled into every Agency employee.  My post-retirement employment with the National Reconnaissance Office again put me under the intelligence umbrella of the CIA, but with an organization whose directorship was shared equally between our military and the Agency.
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